Thursday, 29 January 2015

Don’t Tell A Man What Type Of Woman He Should Be Attracted To

Don’t Tell A Man What Type Of Woman He Should Be Attracted To

What would women think if we told them who they should find attractive? What if morbidly obese men in the USA declared that they
are the male ideal, and then used multiple mainstream media outlets to
shame women for not liking men with beer bellies, no muscle mass, low
monthly incomes, and bad comb overs? What if this group of fat male
writers would also announce that if women liked the opposite of what
they deemed attractive, they were “shallow” and “stupid” with no
understanding of what a “real” man is?

If this really did occur, women would rightly call the men insane and
delusional, arguing that they are free to choose the type of men they
want to be attracted to, a choice made either consciously from their
current tastes or subconsciously due to genetics that tell them to land
the most resourceful and fit men in order to pass on good genes to their
offspring. The fat male writers would be shamed and ostracized.

This scenario has not actually happened because most men are not
idiots—they know that women are attracted to status, money, bad boys,
and good looks, but the same can not be said of women. Through a media
effort that at times seems conspiratorial, they are trying to brow-beat
men into liking unattractive women. Their agenda scolds men for not

  • single moms (women who made the decision to keep spawn of a bad boy who wanted little or nothing to do with the child)
  • overweight women (women who are ugly, gluttonous, gelatinous, and lacking in all manner of self control)
  • strong women (women who are overbearing, masculine, annoying, irritable, and whiny)
  • women who have had dozens of prior sexual partners (women who don’t
    know the word “loyalty” unless it pertains to buying an Apple product)
  • older women (women who are less fertile and more likely to pass on genetic defects to your child)
Attraction is not a social construct that can be brainwashed into a
man. While taste can be influenced socially, such as whether a man
prefers a blonde girl versus a brunette, he still wants a beautiful
blonde girl, where beauty is defined objectively through symmetry,
facial structure, and those three numbers that compose her body shape.
Even black men who like thick girls still want a proportional thick girl who has curves instead of being shaped like a milk jug.

If a white man is accidentally born in a Chinese village without a
connection to the outside world, will he grow up to wife up an
asymmetrical midget hippopotamus who already has spawn from multiple
fathers and is well past her peak fertility? Put another way—would any man in any
part of the world prefer such a woman if he could do better? Of course
not, and this is why 99% of women would prefer to get inseminated by the
genes of Brad Pitt than Danny Devito.

Since you’re a man, you have something called a logic module
hardwired into your brain. If something you’re doing is not helping you
accomplish a specific goal, you make adjustments to improve your chance
of success. American women, who lack this module, instead say that the
goal they want should become sentient and drawn to her just because. Her
existing behaviors and habits should be enough to give her a lifetime
of happiness, and if that happiness is not realized, a man or a culture
of patriarchy is to blame.

In the past, women who think like the ones we have to endure today
would have had to spend time in mental institutions, but there was a
breakout in the asylum and now the crazies want big rewards for just
existing while shaming and attacking you for the biological and natural
desire for beauty and fertility. And with every ten pounds of weight
they gain, their writing takes on a renewed sense of urgency, as if they
want to trick just one man into loving them before it’s all too late.

The interesting fact of DNA is that it can’t be persuaded. No matter
how many wildebeest and spinsters declare themselves to be worthy of the
best men, those men will follow their biological desires. Trying to
persuade men what to like will all be for naught, but at least we can
point and laugh at the broken and ugly women who suggest it.

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