Monday, 9 June 2014

TheVine - Here's how often men and women masturbate - Life & pop culture, untangled

TheVine - Here's how often men and women masturbate - Life & pop culture, untangled

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I have a vivid memory of a segment on Rove Live years
and years ago in which Clare Danes was given a hypothetical about if
she could bang any celebrity, who she'd choose, and her response was:
"What's wrong with self-love?" Maybe I'm remembering that wrong, but I
definitely remember thinking that's the coolest fucking thing I've heard on network television.

rules, although because of the Victorian hangover we're still slightly
nursing, we're still shouldering some shame as a society over the
one-handed watusi. To get to the root of our current attitudes, FiveThirtyEight, the numbers blog made famous when it predicted Obama's win in 2012, has done the dirty data.

Mona Chalabi breaks down the National Survey of Sexual Health and
Behaviour, a study conducted by Indiana University and published in 2009
which is the “largest nationally representative study of sexual and
sexual-health behaviors ever fielded." So, pretty solid evidence,
basically. Here are the two relevant graphs:

The obvious takeaways offer perhaps obvious results: more men
have (or at least admit to having) masturbated than women, most
early-to-middle aged men do it "A few times a month to weekly" whereas
most women do it either "A few times a year to monthly" or "Not in the
past year." I primarily make a living typing about what Jack White is up
to, not crunching numbers, but it seems safe to conclude that the
numbers reflect the double standards applied to men and women about sex.FiveThirtyEight's
analysis is all about one letter writer's feelings of being abnormal.
Now look, normalcy is one thing, but here's an important reminder: if
it's not causing you or your partners physical or emotional problems,
you can pretty much scrub the tarmac, grease the fireman's pole, rub the
genie's lamp, or ride the two-knuckled bull as much as you want. Do
what makes you feel good! And it harm none, so mote it be.

Incidentally, it's National Masturbation Month. Do your part for the cause.

More at FiveThirtyEight.