Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Feminism is right up there with religion - both highly damaging

▶ The Religion of Feminism: Censorship, Masculinity, and Evil - YouTube

Funny it was just yesterday that i was telling my partner, how feminism is right up there with religion in my opinion. As they are both damaging, and full of obvious hypocrisy, that people are miraculously still blind to. Hearing feminists make outrageous claims such as "all men are either rapists, misogynists, or rape apologists" but oh yeah feminism is all about equality for everyone. women, AND men included.... that is no different than when i hear religious people threaten hell-fire and damnation for all eternity, only to turn around and say "but god loves you" or when your religion says you must kill all non-believers, but you still claim that your religion is "a religion of peace" How can feminism claim they are about equality? maybe the original movement started out that way, but it has been beyond tainted. the women of feminism clearly want superiority and special privilege, NOT true equality of the sexes. religion and feminism are very harmful, and the two combined? i would rather see the world end, than witness that duo take over....

+NymphetaminexXxGrrrl Any of the good that used to exist in feminism is long gone.3rd wave is batshit crazy. The feminism Camille Paglia or Christina Hoff Sommers is for is more egalitarian, but belonged to past waves. They've been pretty much been run out of feminism, really. If the things they speak about was modern feminism, I'd be a feminist.

+John Bliss I agree. If feminism were about women's right to vote, or divorce, if they are being treated badly, etc...i mean of course women and men should be treated as equally human with the same human rights. but feminism these days either consists of, watering down the definition of rape, to fit "regret sex" "drunk sex" "cat-calls" or basically any and all situations. when women complain about "man spreading" and "free bleeding" or try to censor images of thin healthy women, ban words altogether, and fight against free speech. The list goes on, i just cant take feminism seriously these days! they complain about women being "objectified" and portrayed as sexy, yet at the same time, they have "slut-walk" and "free the nipple" they basically say "that cartoon character is dressed to sexy, i don't like it, change it, ban it! ....oh you think i'm dressed to sexy? WELL STOP OPPRESSING ME, YOU MISOGYNIST! PIG"

...yeeeaah...they really don't get the irony or hypocrisy of that at all...