Monday, 10 August 2015

And sane people roll their eyes.... Young Men Are Giving Up On Women - MGTOW GENERATION

MGTOW GENERATION - Young Men Are Giving Up On Women - YouTube

I have completely given up on women. Here's my analogy: in California we have California lottery ads on TV ALL THE TIME. The ad always follows this general outline: Some guy hits a win and is instantly transformed into a model, surrounded by beautiful women and luxury, with the catch phrase "imagine the possibilities". And sane people roll their eyes. They know the odds are far more likely that you can spend all you disposable income in your entire life, on lotto tickets and your odds of winning are still basically zero. "Happy" marriages are held up as this glorified thing in society. But when you focus on that you ignore the huge mass of men, who are wage slaves to child support, and alimony payments. You ignore the mass of men staying in unhappy marriages for fear of divorce courts and losing their children. You ignore the huge mass of men with their balls chopped off because their woman runs everything. You ignore the mass of men you have given up the dreams of their youth to provide a safe, enriching environment for their wife and children, then are portrayed as buffoons and idiots in pop culture. (Family guy, American dad, Fred flinstone, Homer Simpson, ect, ect,) Sure I can "imagine the possibilities" (of happy monogamy) just like the Cali lotto says. But I'm not sacrificing my hard earned money, and the pursuit of my dreams to roll that dice. It's far to risky, and all that I will be greeted with at the end of the day is the "negligible importance" of being a father to children who according to pop culture, don't need one. And a husband to a woman who "needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle". So I will be over here, chasing my dreams and goals apart from the distraction of women. I'm a part of the "Sexodus", I am a mgtow, and proud.