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Why Men Need Dumber Women

Why Men Need Dumber Women

April 3rd, 2014

The winds of change are blowing against feminism. Mainstream media is
starting to shudder with the pre-tremors of a major earthquake set to
bring feminism crashing down like a badly built high rise with weak

A new book by Susan Patton a Princeton graduate, called Marry Smart,
advises its (female) readers to find smart and presumably ambitious men
to marry. I haven’t read the book myself as needless to say I am not
seeking a husband, but her tome has set off a firestorm of scandal
online, as women writhe in the throes of their first encounter with a
little red pill truth.

I came across an interview with
Ms. Patton while browsing The Wall Street Journal. It’s women’s stuff,
but surprisingly refreshing to hear her candid and honest interview. Red
pill seems to have a solid female ally.

She says women (if they want children) ought to look for smart men to
marry while they are still in college and be prepared to commit to a
solid relationship. The interviewer asks her outright if she thinks that
feminism of the 80s and 90s gave bad advice.

She replies:

“I think feminism has poisoned young women in so many
regards. [It] has suggested to young women that they don’t need men,
that they shouldn’t want men, that they should go it alone, that men are
the enemy. This is terrible advice.”

“The genders are SO not equal and to tell our young women you are just the same as men.. you are not identical to men…”

“…Men have an unlimited window of opportunity to get married and have children…. “
She goes on to tear apart one of our favorite punch bags, Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Facebook.

“She is misguided. She is a very privileged woman who has
come into great success through very many privileges and opportunities
not afforded to most women.

“For her to say that women need to work harder is terrible advice.
Women don’t need to work harder …. they need to stop being so
politically correct.”
Just as well with Sheryl deciding to redefine the English dictionary by trying to ban the use of the word bossy
when referring to a woman. How this crap makes it to the pages of any
decent publication, let alone Bloomberg that is meant to be home of
serious financial news is beyond me. At least Murdoch is dropping a few
red pills but The Wall Street Journal can only go so far in 2014; if you
extrapolate the advice to women: “Marry Smart” it has many

A man doesn’t need a bossy MBA career troll in her mid to late 30s
barging into his life and telling him what to do, demanding children
although her best years are over, and ignoring the fact that due to
spending more than a decade trying to be a man, she now has absolutely
no idea how to run a happy and settled family home, much less support a
working husband that enables her to be a real and proper stay-at-home

Take it one stage further and throw a red pill alpha male into the
mix and you see that if a man should decide that he wants to have a
family, he’s going to want and expect to pair up with a committed, loyal
and submissive female that makes his life easier not more difficult.

Running a family home and having children is a massive undertaking in
and of itself. The last thing a guy needs is a woman that has little
skill in that area or gets depressed because she misses the excitement
and validation of her past life and career. Since many women end up in
bossy middle management roles, they start trying to build a home life
with a man they see more as an employee, barking instructions at him,
micromanaging him, and treating him like the office janitor, not a
cherished king of his domain.

This is where dumber women step in. Women without college degrees and
self-important careers are generally more skilled in the home-making
department. What they lack in intellect they can make up for with
bedroom and cooking skills (neither of which require formal training or a
high IQ).  What they lack in qualifications and career experience they
can make up for with years of hands on experience taking care of
nephews, nieces, neighbor’s kids, baby sitting and so on.

If a woman wants to marry smart as Susan Patton suggests, she
certainly doesn’t need a college degree. Although campuses might prove
quite good hunting ground for bright ambitious men, it’s expensive and
complicated to go to university. Far cheaper to simply date guys that
are at top colleges without actually attending.

To marry smart a woman doesn’t need many skills beyond looking her
best, being choosey about whom she dates, and absolutely demanding about
who she gets into bed with. Women can be quite useful and productive in
certain work places. Pursuits like hospitality, tourism, nursing,
childcare should be good on a woman’s resume pre-marriage and it would
give her something to do if she needs to pad out family income or once
the kids grow up. If I ever did want to get into another LTR, that’s
what I’d be looking for. That’s what any red pill guy would be looking
for. Here we are back in the 1950s.

Girls in their 30s, in some bullshit office career, with a truck load
of student debt, no asset to speak of, parents that are divorced,
cheesy friends, and smartphone addiction, as you can find in most US and
EU cities, are not worth having.  They’re never going to be able to
marry smart, and it’s about time they realized it. Once these whispers
hitting the mainstream media begin to make waves in female circles, it
will rapidly turn into a tidal wave of new fashion.

There used to be finishing schools and debutantes balls for girls
coming of age to prepare for marriage. They were schooled in being
polite, submissive and having home making skills. Suddenly English Lit
and Gender Studies is going to drop off the map and home cooking, basic
medical training, childcare and massage will jump to the top of the
list? Men are no longer sucked into LTRs just because there is a sniff
of pussy on the menu, so suddenly women will have to start providing
“marriage resumes” if they ever hope to have a traditional family life.
We all know how competitive and bitchy girls can get with each other, so
I can only imagine where this will go if men start demanding what they

A tremendous amount of effort goes into putting a family together and
both sides know full well the tragedy of pulling it apart. The saddest
thing about feminism and it’s ‘terrible advice for young women’ is that
it’s landed women in a pointless competitive struggle with men, which
many girls freely admitted to not wanting. We could list literally pages
of scientists, businessmen, bankers, political leaders, artists and so
forth that have been pulled down by the poor quality women in their
lives. Had women been encouraged to stand up alongside their men and
embraced the very necessary female role in a man’s life; instead of
divorce stats through the roof, millions of children brought up without a
clear and present father and man’s lives mired in social and
‘relationship’ issues, humanity might have progressed further.

The family unit ought to provide the support system for a man. It
gives him a little social life outside his work, children that love and
adore him, a comfortable home to return to, and while the home is the
woman’s domain and she might take charge of it, there always needs to be
a ‘man of the house’. Who knows what some of those very intelligent
(yet slightly beta) men might have accomplished if they hadn’t run into
the brick wall of feminism and divorce.

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