Monday, 22 April 2013

What is the Marriage Strike?

What is the Marriage Strike?  You think it's bad now?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just like the global warming pundits, I feel compelled to paint the picture of what the future will be like “if things don’t change”, as just like them I do not expect anything to change. So imagine a good decade or more down the road, figure that no other major catastrophes to give society the electro shock therapy that it desperately needs.

Marriage of course will be dead in the eyes of any man under thirty. It will be relegated to that thing that only old people and creepy women participate in, kinda like what the Catholic church is now. There might be some public notice given to it, however I am not inclined to think so as the media has done everything short of closing it’s eyes and putting its fingers in its ears to ignore it so far that it’s not likely it’s total demise will alter this policy.

Another trend, that has already begun and is already being noted by feminists and men alike, is that of the fear women seem to have about ‘dying alone surrounded by cats’. If my observation of women has shown me anything, it’s that they can barely tolerate each other in their relative youth and in old age they all but completely ignore each other in old age. The ones already locked into this trajectory I suspect will make overtures to their fucked up children in the hopes that somebody will be around to notice the dead body.

While this future isn’t much better for men, the young men are going to envy their fathers as the girls who are being raised now will make our generation look like saints by comparison. What will now be a third generation of girls who are treated better than the historical princesses whose title they have taken, they will not only expect to be pandered to, they will begin seeking ways to enforce this attitude on an increasingly resentful male populace. To compound this problem, younger men will find a tidal backwash of thirty-something men who will make an already grossly overvalued dating market reach levels that could only be rivaled by the dotcom bubble.

One element though that I find amusing is that given this toxic environment for men, I predict at some point in the next decade, when the advancements in computer technologies and virtual interfaces reach a degree, that somebody will craft a truly palatable form of virtual sex. When that happens, though it may take more than a decade, dating as we know it will come to a crashing halt. The phenomenon caused by World of Warcraft, where literally millions of people have all but disappeared from the lives of their friends should give a good idea of what women will have in store for them.