Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Skinny gurl on Kate Upton

Skinny gurl on Kate Upton

A blogger that goes by the name Skinny gurl has lately been targeted for criticism by the mainstream media, and her site was subjected to a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) by the hacker group Anonymous.  The mainstream media have managed to get rape and death threats sent the way of Skinny gurl.

The criticism stems from Skinny gurl comparing Kate Upton to a cow, “confidently lumbering up the runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it,” describing her as a “little piggie” with “huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition.”

Skinny gurl is a slender woman in her early twenties who managed to land a few fashion modeling gigs years ago, which are unlikely to have been in the big league given her height of 5-foot-7.  She now works in the fashion industry, and is apparently an insignificant part of it.  Her site, skinny gossip, is not pro-anorexia, but a discussion group for women who prefer to be slender.

Skinny gurl’s description of Kate Upton is not unlike the treatment many celebrities get for their looks and behaviors by random people, and should have been seen for the insignificant posting it was.  So why the ruckus over the matter?

The intention on the part of the mainstream media is easily inferred.  The reaction to Skinny gurl’s posting is described as:
Since then, the fashion world’s most influential insiders have denounced the blogger and risen to Upton’s defense.
Who are these most influential insiders?
Running this site where you actually praise women for staying emaciated and skinny and then to go out there and then track someone who has a normal body, I mean, she’s got issues," said Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief of MORE magazine.
“She’s laughing all the way to the bank,” supermodel and author Carol Alt said of Upton. “I would just say keep your end up and keep moving forward.”
Carol Alt was a fashion model decades ago and has no significant influence in the fashion industry.  Lesley Seymour has nothing to do with the fashion industry.  Fashion magazines proper include VOGUE and ELLE; COSMOPOLITAN is less so; MORE, in comparison, is hardly a fashion magazine.

The utlimate influential fashion world insiders are the top-ranked fashion designers. 

Disproportionately homosexual men who prefer their female models resembling boys in their early adolescence, if their private opinion of the physical appearance of Kate Upton were made public, Skinny gurl’s comments on Upton would comparatively appear a compliment.

The public is being mislead.  Models and magazine editors are being portrayed as highly influential fashion world insiders.  The impetus for the thinness drive among fashion models is being assigned to girls and women who want to be thin, presumably pressuring others to be thin, rather than the high-fashion modeling job requirement of conforming to the physique of slender adolescent boys.  Kate Upton is not a high-fashion model proper.  To see someone like her on the runway of a top high-fashion show means that her physique is tolerated because her fame, predominantly acquired through other means, is useful for marketing purposes.

The mainstream media have made a mountain out of a molehill by giving undue publicity to a a hardly known blogger’s personal viewpoint of no significance, which was meant for sharing with a select audience of a similar bent.  In the process, they have mislead the public and attempted to occupy the people with the banal and trivial as opposed to the interesting and significant.  Yet the hacker group Anonymous is not smart enough to target mainstream media sites with DDOS over this matter even though it is smart enough to figure out how to skirt cyber-security measures, slow web servers to a crawl and hack into secured sites!

Undoubtedly, the pretend-opposition group Anonymous is spawned by affiliates of the same financial corporations that control the mainstream media and profit off of the fashion industry.


Kate upton isn't very pretty. She's 5 10 and 150 pounds she could probably beat the shit out of most the guys that read sports illustrated. Yikes!!
I guess when I see Kate Upton, I see a young woman who doesn't really believe she is truly beautiful. I see a young woman who is giving herself up to be lusted over by men and she will be ultimately used up, chewed up and spit out when her "worth" is consumed. I see a little girl who is looking for attention.
Her face is absolutely masculine, amd that tramp is rotten. Wide torso, chicken legs and do nothing for me.
she has an ackward body frame which is not so atractive. Without boobs she would be irrelevant. Kate Upton has large D-cup breasts and maybe her breasts may seem natural to her size, but she actually has got breast implants. While Kate's breasts fit her voluptuous figure, the way they sit on her chest seems to indicate that her modeling career took off after breast augmentation.
(Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer states "Kate Upton does appear to have breast implants as revealed by the very distinct and sharp transition from her full cleavage to her chest. Her breast augmentation fits her frame well and balances out her proportions.")
Kate Upton is changing the runway with her buxom body. But do Kate's curves are the result of breast implants!! 19-year old Kate Upton certainly has not natural curves in the right places and I figure out she traips down the runway.
Her too-blond hair, her generic eyes, and masculine, facial features. and her too long legs floppy" boobs, huge thighs and overall "squishy brick" figure. She’s nothing, she’s got a decent but not feminine face at most thats it. Her arms and legs are slim but her torso is so wide, she doesn’t have that hour glass shape. It’s all so wide and unproportionate and her rib cage is abnormally wide.
Guess Reality is Treason and we all have to suck it up and see the imaginary for what we are told instead of a lardass for what he/she is.
Fat people are no longer obese but are becoming weight impaired, or extra normal. The expectation to have a discussion about someone being attractive not touching on their physical attributes seems to have gone overboard.
I didn't know who Kate Upton was until I googled her up after reading this post (you have some interesting posts in this site, by the way!). I don't see what the attraction to her is all about: she lacks a feminine derrière as well as feminine hips, has wide shoulders and breasts that look like they have been enhanced. She has an attractive face though but not the kind of body that I would regard as attractive in a female.
Likewise, it is difficult to appreciate a model's true beauty in images as they tend to be enhanced digitally. Having said all of this, there is no reason to be insulting or putting down a human being; unfortuately the world is full of people with too much time in their hands and an internet connection.