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Men going their own way ("MGTOW") - I am a warning to women

Published on 29 Dec 2012

I'm not a MGTOW out of spite or revenge. I'm a MGTOW because it seems to be the best, lowest stress, lowest risk, most wealthy and prosperous lifestyle that's available to me. I've chosen this lifestyle by weighing the pros and cons of marriage or a LTR and deciding, no thanks. I don't hate women however and from time to time I check out videos and web sites where women are asking why they're still single.

I hold myself up as an example of a man who decided that women are just too much trouble, and never changed his mind. I'm off the market. There are a lot of women out there who have bought the image of the immature young video game addicted young man and they don't understand the real reasons why men aren't lining up to marry them. I do what I can to educate them and let them know that they have a REAL PROBLEM that needs to be addressed.

Unless something changes, men will continue to step back from the dating market and completely boycott marriage. So ladies. You've got a problem. Doing nothing isn't an option. How are you going to fix this?

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Vention1MGTOW 4 days ago

>sounds like you guys are blaming women for your own sinful rebellious heart. Jesus is the answer!<

Wrong. The problem is that women can't stay committed to a marriage these days. The 50% divorce rate and the fact that over 70% of divorces are filed by women is a huge hazard to a man's well being (emotionally and financially). And considering that the divorce rate for those who attend church is the same as those who don't, Jesus obviously isn't the answer.
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andrewdeham 1 month ago

Today's American marriage, to today's American woman, is essentially a cannibalistic relationship, during which time a man's personal development comes to a grinding halt in service of a female taskmaster, who feeds off of his labors, emotions, and essence until she decides he is of no further benefit. After that, she wields the government against him to affect his removal from his own life, and she moves on handsomely rewarded.

No thanks. I'll just get a dog, a boat, and retire young.