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Girl Writes What - You Tube Channel, Television Tropes & Idioms

Karen Straughan
Shot on location in the Patriarchal Concentration Camp (kitchen). note  note
—Girl Writes What, in her video Feminism and the Disposable Male.
Girl Writes What - Television Tropes & Idioms

Karen Straughan (better known by her screen name, girlwriteswhat) is a Canadian men's rights activist, and divorced mother of three, who is most famous for her videos on YouTube. While much of her work is controversial to a degree, she refuses to pull punches and has no problem speaking her mind.

She also hosts a blog called Owning Your Shit, where she makes posts related to her activism. The primary focus of her work is about how she believes that feminism (or at least mainstream feminism) has failed to address the discrimination faced by men in society (and, occasionally, has created new problems, exacerbated existing problems, or prevented others from attempting to solve issues that men face) and therefore cannot be about true equality.

Among the arguments she makes to support her claims are that feminism has done little to free men from the burdens placed upon them as it has done with women, and the fact that men are still overlooked and ignored in areas that have been much improved for women. In short, she believes the current world we live in treats women too much like children and men too much like assholes, by victimising women while vilifying men. Her channel can be found here.

Tropes that apply to her or her videos:

  • Ad Hominem: Men's rights activists are regularly dismissed merely on the grounds of their affiliation with the men's rights movement, without any regard to the content behind their position.
  • Animated Credits Opening: A butterfly flies over a pink and white title, and shortly bursts into flames and dies.
  • The Lad-ette: She claims to smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish, has short hair, and isn't afraid of using offensive language.
  • Men Are Generic, Women Are Special: She has herself stated that her men's rights videos are more popular, many times over, than her male counterparts', due largely to this trope.
  • Non-Indicative Name: She's a middle-aged woman, not a girl, and she posts videos where she talks instead of writing (unless you count her blog).note  However, she titles her videos with exactly what she'll be talking about.
  • Precision F-Strike: Often used for emphasis on subjects she considers particularly jarring. Most notable in a video she made dealing with youtube users who unjustly flagged her videos, which she titled "You F***ing Cowards".
  • Pretty Butterflies: Used and subverted. The butterfly burns to death in the title credits.
  • Shout Out: A National Coalition For Men sticker is prominently displayed on her fridge in most of her videos.
    • More generally, she mentions and make videos in reply/connection to other men's rights vloggers.
  • Take That: She does this, too. A lot.
  • Title Only Opening
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Several commenters apparently have the need to point out that most of her videos take place in her kitchen. She is aware of this, naturally.
    • Averted by her, though.

Tropes that she deals with: